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1101 W Street, SE, Washington, DC 20020

Office: (202) 575-4775 Fax: (202) 581-0591Cell: (202) 423-8056

E-mail: nelsonwelding@netzero.com

Major Clients

Curtis Properties, Washington, DC

Contact:  Rosslyn

Phone 202.574.2200     Fax 202.561.1990

Hunter Street, LLC,, Maryland

Contact:  Tim

Phone:  301.254.5610     Fax 301.762.7404

NDC Builders, Washington, DC

Contact:  Jerome Johnson

Phone:  202.294.4837     Fax:  202.289.9255

Kenwood Forest Apartments, Maryland

Contact Mr. Jimenez

Phone:  301.657.2683     Fax:  301.718.3491

New Washington Land Company, Washington, DC

Contact:  Leonard

Phone:  202.483-8282     Fax:  202.265.6813

Reneau Real Estate, Washington, DC

Contact Alissa

Phone:  202.797.0852     Fax:  202.797.0772

Area Development, Inc. Washington, DC

Contact:  Scottie

Phone:  202.236.8645     Fax:  202.332.0360

Hanger Management, Washington, DC

Contact:  Charles Montgomery

Phone:  202.857.4321     Fax:  202.296.1528

DC Public Schools—Office of Contracts and Acquisitions

Contact:  Mr. Bruno

Phone: 202.576.8263        Fax:  202.575.7666

Union Temple Church, Washington, DC

Contact:  Mr. Harkins

Phone:  202.439.3838     Fax:  202.678.6307